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Newsletter March 2024

The V&A Award for Illustration

This is one of the most prestigious of them all. Many congratulations to Neil Packer who has been shortlisted this year, for the remarkable work he produced for The Folio Society for their limited edition of Shakespeare's Complete Plays, published in 2023.

There are some interviews with Neil here, and we are now offering prints of twelve of the individual images, as well as one large print where you can see all 37.
Neil will be the Author Ambassador at the forthcoming Bologna Children's Book Fair in April when his new book, The Parable of the Independent Bakers, will be launched.

Original etchings and paintings from Olivia Lomenech Gill

Olivia's work for English Heritage on Lindisfarne also included a series of six 'Fantastic Beasts' and we have some of those originals and also proofs for sale. This commission also inspired her to produce some birds which we'll recognise and in particular I really love this Gwahir (golden eagle) with the ghost of a turkey behind him.
Olivia's etchings and drypoint work is often quite large, and it has a tremendous presence.

John Harris pastels

We have two new classic pastel sketches by John Harris for sale, along with some which you may not have noticed in the section we've called The City of Fire and the Rite of the Hidden Sun.
The Terraces of Fire
John has recently been interviewed by Shaun McClure and he really enjoyed Shaun's unusual questions. You can listen to that here.

I'd encourage you to follow Shaun, on Retrospective Interviews, 'an interviews channel for people who loved growing up in the 60s, 70s and 80s - chats with people from the world of Art, Music, Film and TV, as well as the odd computer game developer!'

I think you'll recognise some names on there.

In other news

It's always a treat to see a large new painting by Jim Burns. This one, A Martian Fantasy, has already vanished off to the lucky buyer but I enjoy this chance to show you a detail and also the whole piece.
Perhaps there will be more like this at the world con in August in Glasgow. And many prints too.