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Newsletter November 2023

'The substance of space and the human imagination'

John Harris very much enjoyed his conversation with Andrew Liptak. They discussed John's latest book, Into the Blue and they dug deep into various concepts that have inspired John from the early days. Andrew had assembled a good collection of John's book covers as a starting point and you can read the interview here.

Andrew Liptak/John Harris interview

You can follow Andrew on Transfer Orbit.

Also, John's been really struck by the reaction to this book in which he used many of his sketches. We weren't sure that his buyers would appreciate the looser style but it turns out that they do . . . so his latest painting also uses light and scale but with that same freedom. This one, 'Into the Yards', is now for sale and there may be others coming up soon.

Sorcery: Contested Realm

These spectacular images by Ian Miller keep on coming and the prints we make of them are superb. Anyone who can only see these extraordinary drawings at the size they appear on the cards is definitely missing out. This one is The Citadel of Screaming Pillars and there's a detail from Dead Pool below.

Neil Packer and the Literary Hub

Neil Packer was interviewed by Olivia Rutigliano for LitHub and they discussed his recent work for The Folio Society's limited edition of the Complete Works of Shakespeare, marking 400 years since its first publication. Those 1000 copies of this magnificent edition have already been sold but even so it's interesting to read about Neil's approach.
Photograph courtesy of Laura Shimili Mears Photography

We hope to produce prints of some of the unused drawings at some point. This one was a potential cover for the set of comedies and I think it would make a beautiful print so let me know if that idea interests you.
Neil's work is also included in John Huddy's collection of original illustrations for sale in John's 'Winter Exhibition Cabinet'. This one was originally produced for Walker Books, to be included in their retelling of The Odyssey. 'Disguised in a Wolfskin Cloak'.

And now for something completely different: Gucci Cosmos

Most of our work involves either books or original paintings so this was a change for us. Alexis Deacon was asked to contribute two drawings to the exhibition of Gucci fashion which opened in London in October. He produced a drawing of a whale with the London skyline inside his body, and a rather beautiful faun in a secluded den. The drawings were projected onto moving gauze behind which there was a collection of the most luxurious mannequins wearing Gucci classics.
Hard to photograph, but hugely impressive and definitely worth a visit if you're in London. Originally shown in Shanghai, and now with some British content from Alexis and three other British artists, the exhibition is open until 31st December 2023, at 180 The Strand.
Entrance is via the 'Ascending Room', which is a reconstruction of the very lift that the young Guccio Gucci operated himself, at the Savoy Hotel at the turn of the 19th century. It was the first electric lift (elevator) in London and it was the experience of helping guests with their luggage that inspired him to design some himself. So that worked out quite well for him. And Alexis and I very much enjoyed our visit.
Commissioned by Hard Feelings Studio. Creative director Polina Zakharova
Main producer Sveta Yermolayeva

By the way

The collection of heads at the top are the work of Simon Bartram, genius artist and portrait painter from the north-east of England and pretty good at inventing characters as well as painting real ones.