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Newsletter April 2020 - lockdown

Many theories, not much certainty

Whether you're feeling anxious or just enjoying the pause, here are some thoughts for now. We're in the business of possible futures so let's try some wild speculation. We can enjoy the springtime birdsong while the world slows down and waits for the virus to pass. This is from Varmints, the remarkable film by hugely-talented Marc Craste. Music composed by Jóhann Jóhannsson.

(There's also a book, Varmints, illustrated by Marc and written by Helen Ward and since its publication in 2007 sales have increased every year.) Later in the film, there's the rise and rise of the city populations.
Taking another view, we could see things like this over the Rocky Mountains.
And then this. Sheep don't seem to have changed much, but they might graze by the side of an ancient hulk which landed millennia ago and has now been absorbed into the landscape. The title of this one? Earth Abides.
Let's hope though, that first we can have more of this reality. (The Valley of The Incas).
And this. A Tibetan landscape from the cover of The Waiting Land
Or this, an oil painting from a memory of County Mayo, by Julia Cox.
You may want to take this chance to explain climate change to your children, in which case I recommend Neal Layton. When he presents his book, The Tree, to small children, they are spellbound when they see a young couple with a plan to cut down a tree to make way for their new house, disturbing the habitat of the squirrels, rabbits and birds? There's a good solution though.
Now Neal has written two books which tackle more directly the way Earth is being affected. He writes in a way that children understand.
In the short term though, I look forward to more of this, some time soon. Getting together with friends. Until then, very best wishes to everyone.
Paul Cox's originals can be found at Chris Beetles' Gallery in London.
All images copyright © the artists.