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Newsletter October 2022

Gordon Crabb oil paintings coming up for sale

If you don't know much about Gordon you can read more on AskArt. He's been a massively popular artist in the UK for many years and yet has produced much of his work for US publishers. He has a whole plans chest full of paintings to sell, and you can see a few here.

Gordon originals on our site

Gordon on AskArt

He produced many highly-detailed paintings for Western covers in the 80's and 90's and we've now started to sell them. There will be four pieces coming up at Heritage Auctions in Dallas in their Art of the West sale on 28th October and you can see those here.

Art of the West, at Heritage
Schindler's Ark

Jeffrey Alan Love has produced some beautiful work for the Suntup edition of Schindler's Ark which has just been released. It was a tough book to work on but I think you'll agree that he's tackled it with great sensitivity.

More on Jeffrey here

Olivia, four books and another show

Believe it or not, Olivia Lomenech Gill has a second exhibition coming up. La Roche Jagu is a stunning 15th century chateau in Brittany, and she has been invited to exhibit her illustration work there. She has chosen original paintings and etchings from four of her books and the main emphasis will be on her work for Medusa, the book retold by Jessie Burton and published last year.

Some of the originals from these books will be available when the show is taken down at the end of December so let me know if you're interested in any of them.

Here is Perseus with his dog - and you can see many more on our website.

Harry Potter – the fifth book

Now that the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has been published, we can show you some of the illustrations. Neil Packer's work had to be very minimal in colour and had to be noticeably different from Jim Kay's. Here's his quite amazing cutaway of the Ministry of Magic. (This is just a small part of it). And there are many more here.

One of my favourite spreads is the 'factual spread' about giants which gave Jim and Neil a chance to work together. Jim drew the giants, and Neil came up with the various 'facts' about them and drew the details around the edge of the spread. Great work. What a team!

This will be the last book for Jim though. His mental illness has caught up with him so, regrettably, he's handing over – although we don't yet know who will take it on. He's worked on Harry Potter for ten concentrated years and has charmed the readers, over 7000 of whom immediately responded to the news of his departure online with messages of appreciation and understanding.

Jim and his wife, Louise, have met thousands of fans at Comicon in San Diego, they've toured Germany, and Jim has taken part in countless events in the UK. He's done the most fantastic and thorough job and now he's going to take some time off to recover. Just like all those fans who continue to write messages, and also the very kind people at Bloomsbury who have been so understanding, we wish him well.

And finally –

I'm sorry to say that we won't be with you at Illuxcon this time but we'll be thinking of you all having a good time. We're keeping busy. Ian Miller's been doing things like this.

And John Harris has some new sketches
And Jim Burns is enjoying himself with working on Midjourney ideas, finishing them off in Photoshop – and selling prints:
For anyone who doesn't know about Illuxcon (or IX Arts) it is a particularly sociable gathering of fantasy and science fiction artists and their collectors which takes place in Reading, Pennsylvania each October.

We hope that you all have a great time meeting friends there and showing new work. Wishing you all great success and hopefully we'll be with you next year.
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