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Newsletter March 2019

Tiger! Tiger!

When John Harris read Tiger, Tiger! by Alfred Bester many years ago, he didn't think the cover did it justice so he stuck a plain piece of paper over the cover – and decided to paint some science fiction imagery himself.

The rest is history so thanks go to Alfred Bester for introducing John to the idea. And John still loves that book (sometimes called The Stars My Destination) and has used it as inspiration for a recent painting, Gully Foyle's Fate.

And now the story continues. Here is a new painting which he's called Gully Foyle isn't Angry Any More and he's stuck a print of it onto that early cover. Perhaps there will be a series based on that book, and he'll make them available for the worldcon in Dublin in August.
Olivia Lomenech Gill at Abbott and Holder

Olivia's exhibition at Abbott and Holder in London is a sensation. Many people came to the private view and her talk at the gallery about her paintings and her printmaking was enjoyed by many. The exhibition will remain open until 23rd March and some pieces will still be available after that so I do encourage you to visit.
Jim Kay and The Goblet of Fire

After eighteen months of solid work, Jim has now completed the illustrations for the fourth Harry Potter novel. It has been epic, but the cover was announced this week (below), and we've added a page of short films to the website, where Jim describes working on the whole series.

In other news

Why not test your knowledge of different cheeses with this small part of Neil Packer's forthcoming book on Taxonomy, One of a Kind? More to come soon, not just on cheeses but also apples, vehicles, clouds, stars, tools and (never wanting to feel left out) cats. It's all about how we classify things. And it's a masterpiece.

Neil's originals for sale from other projects can be found here.
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