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Newsletter June 2020 - still here

Ian Miller and the Dragons

Ian Miller has been busy with dragons. He's produced two spectacular and ferocious images, Vox 1 and Vox 2, and then five more which are to be used for Dragon Shield card game accessories. We're selling prints, and they make a superb series. This is Vox 2.

And here are four of the series for Dragonshield, Carnax, Quoll, Saturion and Gaial. Also a detail from Meer, to show the spectacular detail. (If you think Saturion looks like a man then you're right, but he's taken the armour from the dragons he's killed so he's known as the black dragon.)
If you'd like some sleeves in which to keep your Magic cards, you can find them at Dragonshield.
Levi Pinfold interview

Levi has been interviewed by the British Association of Illustrators for the spring edition of their magazine, 'Illustration'. They've coined the term 'Magical Realism' and that really does apply to Levi with his exceptional drawing skill and his ability to enchant us. He describes his work here.

He's currently illustrating the 'house editions' of the Harry Potter books and in June the four new editions of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be published. For each book he visualises some of the characters, and also the crests of the different houses plus other clues. There's no chance for us to see his magnificent use of colour in these, but we do have a handful of his originals from a previous project which are for sale, oddly also associated with magic.
Alexis Deacon - from Geis to Beegu

Here is an artist whose draughtsmanship is impeccable and whose range is immense.  From the mind of Alexis Deacon came the world of Geis. Two graphic novels are already published and were highly praised in Publishers' Weekly: "Tangled forests, deserts, bat-filled caverns, rivers, and medieval towns are rendered in loose brushwork with clumps of gorgeous detail, a meeting of Maurice Sendak and Pieter Bruegel. . . . The pages darken to include greens, moody violets, and charcoal blacks as the contest gains deadly urgency, with this first volume ending in a startling cliff-hanger." Here are two pages from Geis 2.

And then, here he is, reading his much-loved picture book Beegu, which you may find useful if you're home schooling your children at the moment. You might have to scroll down a page or two but you could have five minutes' peace while they watch Alexis read. It is a gem.

Alexis Deacon reads Beegu

In other news


Island of the Dispossessed, John Harris's city, floating away from the ravages of the scene below, was sold last year but he has a friend who would have liked it for herself. In true John style, he had a canvas print made for her at the same size as the original, and the quality was such that even John could hardly tell the difference between that and the original painting.

That friend is Gemma Critchley.  And she is a jeweller of great talent, as you can see from her work here, at Cabinet Jewellery.
Photography by Emma Lewis

All images copyright © the artists.