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Newsletter December 2020

Remember when we could go to the pub?

Or a cosy bar?

People in kitchens were busy preparing gorgeous food.

So that we could relax in good company (without having to sit miles from the next person)?

And then go to a club.

Those days will surely come back at some point but for now this is just a reminder.

We've had the most amazing year despite the difficulties but we look forward to getting out a bit more in 2021. And doing this again. Hopefully with you.

With many thanks to Paul Cox who must, over many years, have been commissioned to paint just about all the best restaurants in London. The latest book by Jeffrey Archer which was illustrated by Paul has just been published. The Short, The Long and the Tall.

And Paul's originals can be found at Chris Beetles'' gallery in London.

More news on new John Harris work coming up in the New Year.

A very Happy Christmas to everyone, and best wishes for a rather different 2021.
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