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Newsletter April 2019

Ian Miller's dragons

Ian Miller, possibly the best artist in the world for dragons, is now working on a new series and the originals are for sale on his website. This is the blue one. Take a look at the others too.

The Eden Paradox

Barry Kirwan, British science fiction writer and psychologist, has been using John Harris's images very successfully on the covers of his own books in the Eden Paradox series and we think they look great.
Voyages in the Underworld of Orpheus Black

This new book by Marcus Sedgwick and Julian Sedgwick, and illustrated by Alexis Deacon will be published on 2nd May. The illustrations are superb, and many can be seen on our website now, along with other new work by Alexis.

In other news

Game of Thrones may be gripping us all again but have you seen the original hardback covers produced by Jim Burns a few years ago? These were the first images of that world ever seen and I think they're quite spectacular. The originals were sold long ago but he sells prints of them now.
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