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Newsletter August 2019 - Worldcon in Dublin

New John Harris work

We're off to Dublin for the World Science Fiction convention this month, and John will be showing his latest work. It was thoughtful of him to make them the right size to fit into my suitcase.

Jim Burns' Certificates of Authenticity

Anyone who's bought a print from Jim Burns will have noticed the excellent quality of the actual printing. These are produced by his colleagues at Skylight Publishing, and now Jim is working with them on a scheme to publish signed and numbered A4 giclee prints in series of 'Jim Burns Collectibles', organised into the decades in which the work was done. This is how they'll look – and if you're at the con you'll be able to buy some of the first examples from Jim in the Art Show.
Watch Fred Gambino paint

You may have thought Fred was all about digital work? Clearly he's one of the absolute best at that – and yet he can still do this. See how he still uses the old kind of brush, on this short film (click on the picture below). What a master. This is SS Cyprus, inspired by a photograph Fred took on the island. More about Fred here.

Jeffrey Alan Love, shortlisted for the World Fantasy Award

Jeff won't be with us at the con but I'm thrilled to have three pieces to show. Here are two of them. Amongst the Trees and The Border Lord.
1979 Worldcon in Brighton - a baptism of fire for 'Young Artists'

We took 63 framed paintings, including the whole of Jim Burns' Planet Story, and all the work for Alien Landscapes to the 1979 Worldcon in Brighton. It was epic, and it really was the beginning of a very productive era when we worked on many different books, some of which are still remembered with great fondness. Philip Dunn of Pierrot Publishing was the spur, and now I think he's died (without ever paying us for much of the work we did) but we look forward to raising a glass to Malcolm Edwards this time. He and the much-missed Rob Holdstock were the ones who actually did much of the writing.

In other sentimental news

The 1979 Worldcon also brought one of our New York clients, the very lovely Julie Simmons, managing editor of Heavy Metal Magazine, to Brighton. Alan Lynch was then working in the London office with me, and little did we know that they would spot each other and head off to Paris for a weekend. Alan soon moved to New York to be with Julie – and the rest is history. We're so lucky to still work with Alan as our US agent, and of course Julie too.
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