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Newsletter January 2021 – stay at home – and watch some films?

Running out of Time

Last year John Harris spent some time walking in Devon with his friend and film maker, Guy Natanel – and this short film was the result. We are grateful to Guy (and to his colleague with a drone) and although there are no plans for the film to be broadcast yet, we can show you this section. With grateful thanks also to Brian Eno and Neil Young. (Permission pending.)

We've now made available as prints two of John's images rather aptly titled A View from Above 1 and 2.

Ian Miller, and Varragoth, Bloodsky Sire

Ian produced this quite magnificent drawing for Magic/Wizards of the Coast last year and it's quite rightly attracted a lot of attention. The original has been sold but we're making a limited edition of signed prints.

Why not also watch this short film about Ian. This was part of the project 'In the Artist's Studio' by Mat Sunderland. And there are other really interesting artist interviews on his site too.

We've also added his Michael Scott Rohan cover, Shadow of the Seer, now available as a print.

Jeffrey Alan Love talks about his approach to illustration

We don't see much of any of the artists at the moment for obvious reasons – but we can watch them on video. Here's a nice one about Jeffrey Alan Love and his work? A film made by Flesk Publications to mark the publication of Jeff's graphic novel.

You can go to his illustration section where you'll find his latest work, including some of the stunning work from Norse Tales, the follow-up to Norse Myths, written by Kevin Crossley-Holland and published by Walker Studio. This is Ulf, helping the mountain troll with his fishing boat, with Loki looking on.

Two films by Karel van Bellingen

It's been a wild month for politics and on this side of the world many feel that Brexit is regrettable. Time then to remind ourselves about some of the 20th century events which will always bind us together. So perhaps watch this beautiful film by Karel van Bellingen about Agnes, who's his Flemish grandmother. He made the film during lockdown.

You may know him better for The Leap. Also strongly recommended. Three million views so far . . .

In other news

Neil Packer tells us in this rather cheerful film just how he put together the idea for a book about classification, One of a Kind. The Linnean Society in London spotted it and have arranged to hold a virtual event to talk about taxonomy on 13th February 2021. Participation is free so if you'd like to hear more about sorting out the animal world, vehicles, families, cheese, clouds or art do sign up.
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