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Newsletter December 2019

John Harris's new work

We saw the first sketches in John Harris's Dockyards Series at Worldcon in Dublin. After a short break working on other things, he's now returning to that with great vigour. Here are two of the first sketches, Ariadne in the Refit Yards, and Ariadne 'at work'. These, and more sketches, can be found here.

Rick Berry's book available in the UK

Neil Gaiman says 'Rick Berry is painting pictures you can drown in. Beware.'

Rick's new book, Invented People, is a magnificent collection of his most recent work. Here are two spreads from it but you can buy the whole book from Rick's studio in the US. If you're in the UK it's better to ask me as the postal charges from the US are mad. I have some signed copies and at £25 each,  plus postage, you could have a real treat. alisoneldred@gmail.com
Scrutinising the detail

Ian Miller is very happy with the final results of the silkscreen print of The Balrog. The North London printers (Make-Ready) have produced magnificent results and we now have some to sell. More on that on the website.

Jim Kay originals

Jim and his wife were made very welcome in Germany in November by the publishers of the Harry Potter books. They attended a festival in Oldenburg then visited Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Cologne. Many miles were travelled, many many books were signed, many stories were told, and we owe huge thanks to all the people who organised the whole tour with such great care.

We're often asked for prints and originals by collectors but we aren't able to sell anything associated with Harry Potter. We do have some of Jim's bugs left though, and if you want a reminder of summer, why not treat yourself to an excellent watercolour of a grasshopper or cicada?

In other news

We would, of course, like to thank everyone for all their custom and interest in 2019 and wish you all a good festive season and a Happy New Year.

In particular, we are so grateful to all the foreign publishers of the books we produce. Many copies arrive, and it's always fascinating to see these different editions.

Thank you!
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