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Newsletter July 2023

Wildlife from the Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Olivia Lomenech Gill's work for the Harry Potter book, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has been hugely successful and the book has now sold into 23 countries. Here's one of the etchings from that enormous book.

And now, alongside her commission for the major painting  for the English Heritage Priory Museum at Lindisfarne she's created six 'fantastic beasts' celebrating some of the real life species found on/around Holy Island and in the Lindisfarne Gospels' to form a trail for the museum's younger visitors' with an accompanying leaflet.
These six beasts, including the iconic Eider Duck (above), or 'Cuddy Duck' as it is known locally, Pale Bellied Brent Goose, Little Tern, Grey Seal, Stoat and Cormorant, are illustrated using copperplate etching and drypoint, with hand colouring and gold leaf, and are each available for sale as a variable limited edition of 10.
Of course the main painting, Shifting Sands, hangs in the museum on the island but you can see a detail here, and read more on our blog.

John Harris, new sketches

We also have a small handful of new sketches from John. This one is Repairing the Flavian Bridge and you can see more here:

We're delighted that his first book with Titan, Beyond the Horizon is to be published in Japan and the cover will look like this:

John Howe – 'In enemy territory'

There's always a great deal to read about on John's website but some lucky people will be able to join his masterclass, in person, at the Academie de Meuron in Neuchâtel in Switzerland, from 17th to 19 August.

John is very much looking forward to meeting people there and he says:

"The purpose of the three-day course is to take a deep dive into concept art and the various parameters that must be integrated in order to achieve liberty of expression, credibility of design, stylistic depth and a personal approach in a competitive profession.

"Over the three days, the participants will develop primary and secondary characters and use them to create a finished scene in cinemascope format."

Cyberpunk covers

Jeffrey Alan Love has been asked by Dark Horse to work on variant covers for Cyberpunk 2077  XOXO. And here's the first one. We've added some other gems by Jeffrey to the illustration section on the website but to buy any originals you'll have to go to Felix Comic Art although they seem to sell quite quickly.

And finally

It was like a duck to water. Alexis Deacon's skill as a picture book artist (think of Beegu) and graphic novel creator (think of Curse of the Chosen) is well known but who knew that when approached by Sun Creature Studios in Copenhagen he would also be such a natural backgrounds and concept artist?

You can see a handful of his work here, for The Heroic Quest of the Valiant Prince Ivandoe.

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