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Newsletter August 2023

New John Harris prints

We continue to add to the list of prints of John Harris's paintings and we're constantly delighted with the reaction we receive when they arrive. 'Shepherds on a Wreck' was a very early favourite.

And this is a crop of the more recent 'Earth' print originally produced for the cover of the book by Ben Bova.
Also we still have one or two originals from his story about The City of Fire and the Rite of the Hidden Sun. This one is a detail of 'the grand concourse'.

Alexis Deacon original art

Alexis wrote his own abridged text for Oscar Wilde's story of The Selfish Giant a few years ago and illustrated it with great tenderness. I'm now thrilled to have some of those originals for sale, along with others commissioned to illustrate various insects in Roald Dahl's poems for a book of his Songs and Verse.

Alexis is a rare talent and can slip from books for children into some darker realms so watch out for some originals from his graphic novels soon.

Ian Miller and trading cards

Signed archival prints of Ian's fabulous drawings originally produced for Magic the Gathering and the Sorcery Contested Realm give us the chance to study the amazing detail which it would be impossible to see be by just looking at the cards. There are many here to choose from, and after a busy time with prints, editions are starting to sell out. This one is Relentless Crowd , 'An Escalating Scad of Undead Mortals'!

There are other classics too, like Ents 2 (below) which we still have, although The River of Death has now sold out. Let me know if there's anything you're interested in.
Ian has also added some new originals for sale on his own website.

And finally

This is a real shocker. I've always tried to be rather 'measured' in any comments about AI or Midjourney with the thought that legislation to prevent the relentless pursuit of profit at the expense of originality will eventually come. But what about this unashamed and unabashed article in Orion Magazine? That surprised me.

We are so grateful to our collectors. Already, there is less and less original art to collect now that so much illustration is produced digitally but happily more of you seem interested in commissioning 'proper' paintings – which, of course, is delightful for us and we want you to continue! Many thanks to everyone who does just that.

If there's to be a major shift in attitudes to AI and it severely affects the amount of illustration commissioned, then our collectors will be even more invaluable. It's just a very vital and important 'space to watch' while governments slowly grind through the implications.