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Newsletter May 2023

Ian Miller and RPG's

Those cards keep on coming. Ian has produced some cracking images for them so here are Kozilek, the Butcher of Truth - and Damnation. We don't have the originals for sale but these prints, plus other new ones, are all available now. Signed and numbered.

Ian Miller, new prints

Jim Burns and Parsec

Here's a new illustration from Jim, to be used for the cover for the digital magazine, Parsec. Yes, it's Midjourney but with a lot of Jim in it too, and a bit of help from Photoshop. The debate continues.

Parsec Magazine

Rick Berry

Rick vanished from Facebook a while ago but he's certainly back now, with many gems. He's working on a new book and you can still buy his most recent one, Invented People, from Amazon.com. I have copies here too, which I can send to people in the UK to avoid hefty postal charges.

And there's a quite charming conversation here, between Rick and Sadina Shawver from Library Voices, the children's librarian from Texas.
Jonathan Thompson

We were sorry to hear about the death of Jonathan Thompson from Battlefield Press. He worked hard to produce a new edition of Spacecraft 2000-2100 AD and had planned to reprint the rest in the series. Here is the new edition, available from Battlefield Press, and two of the original books too, which are now highly collectible.
John Harris

'Beyond the Stars'

And finally, I think I'll leave you to work out just how much John Harris enjoyed his visit to the Accademia Nemo in Florence this month. He was invited to talk to students at the university and to spend some time in that glorious city.  The Italian welcome he was given was quite superb.
So if any other academic establishments would like to invite John to speak, I'm sure he'd be delighted to hear – but Florence will be a tough one to beat.
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