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Newsletter June 2019

John Harris landscapes - on our own planet

Inspired by John's personal project about a traveller in foreign lands, The Rite of the Hidden Sun, canny publishers have commissioned him to illustrate the covers of their travel books. The idea was a huge success and the result was a host of covers which were nothing to do with science fiction but they have that same mood. The most notable series was written by Dervla Murphy (These two, below are from her travels in Tibet).

This one, below, was from a series by Claude Michelet set in rural France. These originals and many more are now for sale from the website.
Neil Packer's Anti-Gentrification Train Garden
There can be few people who are unaware of the current political crisis in British politics but we thought this jaunty film about London would cheer them up. Neil Packer has produced a large painting of the tube map, placed a train set on it, and filmed it with a hand-painted train travelling around some of his favourite pubs, shops, etc. Here it is, hanging in his flat, ready to be taken down and used as a model train track at any moment. What could be better?
Sadly, there is much more to this though. As London evolves, not necessarily for the better, these favourites are fast disappearing, only to be replaced by more chain pubs and shops, in a further step towards a more corporate and gentrified city.

However, we are offering superb prints of the map – and if you're inspired by the idea he (or you) can put your own train track on it and watch it in reality. There's much more to this story – and you can read about it on Neil's website.

The complete map (below) with a detail underneath.
Noorse Mythen

Yet one more award for Jeffrey Alan Love for his book of Norse Myths. He has won the Zilveren Penselen (Silver Brush) for the Dutch edition of the book published by Lemniscaat. Congratulations to Jeff.

In other news

28-mag has offered a new challenge. And that's to produce anything which is inspired by the work of Ian Miller. There's more on that here, and you have until 31st July to send in your work.
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