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Newsletter November 2021

John Harris at Worldcon

John's been preparing work for Discon III, the world science fiction convention in Washington DC, in December.

Although he isn't attending in person, he's sending some quite magnificent vinyl prints to be included in the art show, and we understand from the organisers that some people are bringing their own pieces of his work to be hung there too endash; for which we are very grateful. Here is Ender'4s Game, which is the largest print, and I hope that stops people in their tracks. It's an early piece but the kind of scale that John often uses in his paintings.
The six vinyl prints produced specifically for the con are to be auctioned, and the proceeds donated to John's chosen charity, Trillion Trees. This ambitious and truly effective charity combines the World Wildlife Fund, Birdlife International and the Wildlife Conservation Society. John is passionate about reforestation and the protection of wildlife – as you can see here.
Ian Miller's website

'Hello from the windblown edge!'
Ian's website has been redesigned and there's some wonderful work for sale in his shop so it's a good time to have a look. Here is The Siege of Gottenberg and Hive Attack.

The Spine of Night

Both Ian Miller and Jeffrey Alan Love were commissioned last year to illustrate the same film poster. We now have both of the finished posters and I think both look great. Two very different styles.


Now we've all seen the film, we're offering prints of John Harris's Shai-Hulud. He really enjoyed working on this commission last year, and this image is taken from an early pastel drawing. More on that here.

In other news

The New York Puzzle Company have chosen a great selection of Neil Packer's work to produce as jigsaws. Neil put together his covers for bestselling editions of The Iliad and The Odyssey into one elegant design (below) and you can see others on their website, mostly from his book One of a Kind, described in the Wall Street Journal as 'mesmerising'. His selection of cheeses would make for a good Christmas family puzzle.

The New York Puzzle Company

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