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Newsletter January 2019

Spirit Fox by Gordon Crabb

Gordon produced a cover painting for the book by Mickey Zucker Reichert and Jennifer Wingert a few years ago now. It's always been much admired so we're now offering it as a giclee print. Drop me an email if you'd like one.

Jim Burns at Boskone

Jim and Sue Burns are looking forward to going to Boston for Boskone in February and meeting friends there. The last time Jim was Guest of Honour there the weather became a problem and they stayed in Boston for a few extra days. I hope it goes more smoothly for them this time. Here are the programme covers, main and pocket.
Black Mirror's Bandersnatch

It was great to see how much interest was generated in Black Mirror's recent interactive movie, Bandersnatch, available on Netflix. They bought the right to use various John Harris and Ian Miller pieces for the new series. So far, we've just spotted Transmission Station above Stefan's bed, and one other on his bedroom wall. Here it is, with a crop from the painting.

In other news

It's always good to get back in touch with people you haven't seen for a while. I still treasure some originals I bought from Peter Brown in the 90's, and now I've been re-introduced to his work by someone who took his wood engraving course in London. He's been producing the most fine and spectacular wood engravings for The Times for twenty years, and now you can buy them from his website. I've bought many! They make wonderful gifts. Here are a few of them.
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