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Newsletter November 2022

Simon Bartram and ArtUK, with a Black Friday sale

We have plenty to celebrate this month. Firstly, one of Simon Bartram's paintings, having been acquired by the Hartlepool Art Gallery, is now available on ArtUK, effectively becoming a part of our national collection and available for research purposes. Photo Roam

The presentation took place in October, and Simon is now working on a new show for next year so he's decided to offer a 20% reduction on the work currently on the website – in a Black Friday opportunity! Some are in spectacular detail and in others he captures a character with just a few strokes. He's also available for portrait commissions.
The Art of John Harris II – Into the Blue

Publication of John's new book, is now imminent as the shipping was quicker than we first thought. John's delighted with the whole production so we can't wait to show you. In fact, here he is, talking about it.

We're grateful to Titan for making this such a straightforward and amicable process. We were lucky to work with the same designer as last time, and she's done a terrific job. There are two editions. This is the cover of the main edition.
And this is the limited edition which is the same book but with a different cover, a rather nice slip case, and it comes with a small signed print of Shai-Hulud.
You can buy both editions directly from Titan, wherever you are. The regular edition is available from 18th November, and the limited edition from 13th December.

Titan Publishing

We're issuing some new prints to celebrate this publication. John's ideas tend to begin with small sketches and he's always excited by this stage of the process so he's pasted many of them onto two boards, and they make excellent prints. Here's one, and you can see more on that idea here.
We're grateful for your patience. This book has been a long time coming but it's well worth the wait. John's previous book, Beyond the Horizon, is still in print and there are a few copies of the limited edition available from 'Another Universe'.

To buy The Art of John Harris: Beyond the Horizon in the US
More on John Harris here
So now a much-deserved visit to the pub

Edward Ardizzone (or Ted, as we know him) liked to leave his studio at lunchtime to go for a pint. So much so, that he drew some of the pubs around his area of London and his friend, Maurice Gorham wrote a book about them, The Local, which was first published in the 1930's.

Now Paul Cox has retraced Ted's steps and has produced some beautiful paintings of those same pubs, sometimes from the same point of view.

They'll be on show at Chris Beetles' forthcoming illustration show in London from 22nd November – and you can also see them in his catalogue. Paul is on Pages 235-242.

And finally

Aaron Howdle's Kickstarter campaign for his new book has attracted a lot of subscribers but I'm sure he'd be happy to find even more.

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