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Newsletter July 2022

Fred Gambino at Vision X 2022, 31st July

This a rare chance to see Fred Gambino talking about his work. Possibly one of the most modest and yet inspiring artists I've ever worked for. If you haven't already registered for Vision X, I suggest that you do that now as there will be advice and entertainment for three whole days.

More on Fred on his website.

The Moon, John Harris and his new book

I'm sure there will be much celebration of our own moon this week, but here among John's sketches for sale is a rather different one, The Amethystine Moon at Night, a beautiful pastel drawing.

This will also be included in the new book of his work, The Art of John Harris II, to be published on 11th October. There will be two editions: the regular edition which can now be ordered from Titan, and a de luxe edition which we hope will be published on the same day. This is the slipcase of the de luxe edition.
And this is the dust jacket.
We'll be selling prints of both. Here is the Spectral Lines print (the right way around)
Terran Trade Authority

Those people lucky enough to have attended the session at Loncon 3 in London in 2014 where Stewart Cowley was brought together with some of the artists who'd contributed to the TTA books will never forget it. The genius that is Stewart hadn't attended any conventions ever, and it was as if that world which he conjured up from seeing those early science fiction paintings so long ago suddenly came to life. Many thanks to Colin Harris for making it happen.

And now, thanks to the supreme efforts of Jonathan Thompson of Battlefield Press, the first book in the series is now available again, in a new guise. And you can order it here:

Spacecraft 2000-2100 AD

And finally

At last we've become more sociable. We've had some very enjoyable gatherings and in particular when we met Jane and Erica Frank last week in London, along with Keith Scaife, Fred Gambino and Jim Burns at The Wallace Collection. I thoroughly recommend it for a visit as aside from the art collection, it has the most amazing armoury.

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