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John Harris   Originals for sale: Pastels and Sketches

"The first marks towards making a piece of artwork are, without doubt, the most important moments in the journey. And something of that creative force is lost for ever after the initial sketch. So for me, these little images are often as dear to me as the final piece."

Many of John's science fiction pieces have been sold and we keep these on the site at the end of this section simply for archive purposes. For the work that's still available, begin on Page 1 of these thumbnails and keep going until you come to the 'sold' pages.

John Harris | Black Satellite
John Harris | Back to Base, sketch 2SOLD
John Harris | The Sentinels, sketch 1SOLD
John Harris | The Sentinels, sketch 2SOLD
John Harris | The Duopods, sketch
John Harris | Starhounds 1, The Infinite Battle, sketch
John Harris | Blue Satellite
John Harris | Two Thoughts
John Harris | A Visit to the Ruined World, first study
John Harris | Manoeuvring the Plate
John Harris | At the Midway Depot
John Harris | Old street
John Harris | Last Call
John Harris | Last Orders
John Harris | Cobalt Towers
John Harris | The Second Sun, second studySOLD
John Harris | The Building of the Ark, sketch 2
John Harris | The Amethystine Moon
John Harris | The Approach to the Abandoned Lands
John Harris | The Blue Comet sketch