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Newsletter August 2021 – World Science Fiction Convention

John Harris

John was delighted when he was asked to be the professional artist Guest of Honour at Discon III, this year's worldcon in Washington DC. We were planning to be there this month, to join friends and fans but who knew that Covid would have changed everyone's plans this much? All credit to the organisers who have now restaged this for December this year ndash; and this will be on their programme cover.

It's unfortunate that he isn't able to be there in person but we have many plans to send work, to illustrate the programme, and to introduce his paintings, sketches and short films to people who don't already know them. You can see an overview of his work here.

Ten per cent off

We're also offering a 10 per cent discount on all his work on the website on any sales made between now and the convention in December.

Here's a detail from Micopolis, one of the originals for sale.

The Rite of The Hidden Sun

We've added more originals to the part of the site that describes this long term project of John's.

Pastels and sketches

There are some new sketches here, including one inspired by The City and the Stars.

Giclée prints

And we'll also offer the 10 per cent reduction on John's magnificent giclée prints. He oversees their production with great care and then signs and numbers them and sends them out himself. This is favourite, Spectral Lines. And below that some other examples.

We send our very best wishes to the organisers of the convention. Covid restrictions, the change of date, and a growing reluctance to fly all contributed to John's decision not to attend in person but we hope everyone enjoys it at a time when we're certainly ready to go out and meet people again.
In other news

We'd like to congratulate Jeffrey Alan Love who's been shortlisted for the 2021 World Fantasy Award. These are his four most recent books, all of which show his amazing skill. He is a storyteller as much as an artist.

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