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John Harris   Fine art prints: Science fiction

Science fiction

Giclée printing is very successful with John's work. His paintings suit that vibrant colour now available and the subtleties are nicely captured with this sophisticated printing technique.

We can make giclee prints of most of his images so do enquire if you'd like to see something not included in these pages. However, we've suggested some here which we know work out well. Many are from John's own idea for "Fire", the story of an imagined traveller in

an unknown region which centres on the city built within a volcano.

Others are from paintings produced for book covers or simply from his imagination.

The prints are signed and numbered, and printed on Hahnemuhle German etching 310 gsm mould made acid-free paper.

Contact me to order prints. alisoneldred@gmail.com

John Harris | Exiles
John Harris | Shai-Hulud
John Harris | A View from Above 1
John Harris | A View from Above 2
John Harris | Recoating the Kermit
John Harris | Fire at the Blue Terminus
John Harris | Admiral's Dock
John Harris | Rust and Steam
John Harris | Dockland Ferry
John Harris | Refit at Crux
John Harris | Ariadne in the Refit Yards
John Harris | Two Craft
John Harris | The Collapse of Dock 19
John Harris | Dockland Ferry
John Harris | Rust and Steam
John Harris | Quiet Night
John Harris | Climbing to the Light
John Harris | Polaris
John Harris | Transmission Station,(aka Stefan's Room)
John Harris | The Dockyards of Regulus Prime