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Newsletter February 2023

Full Tilt

Each time John Harris was commissioned to illustrate the cover of one of Dervla Murphy's travel books, he leapt to it and seemed to already engage with whatever part of the world she wrote about. When she described her journey from Ireland to India she produced one of her best books and John illustrated the cover with this piece, Full Tilt. We've now decided to start making prints from these paintings so here is the first one.

There are still some original landscapes of John's but they are going quickly. This is a preliminary sketch for Valley of the Incas.
Ian Miller, and The Torch Stairway

Ian is always busy. He has a stream of private commissions and he's just finished this one. Just given the idea of 'stairs', this was the result. We're about to offer archival prints so you should hear about that some time soon.

This is one of the two Realms of Chaos drawings of Ian's that we have left now. They are superb examples of his draftsmanship and imagination.
Simon Bartram's Art on a Postcard

The recent auction held to raise funds for help with Hepatitis C raised an amazing £96,500. Simon Bartram's Billy the Third went for one of the higher prices at £300 so that was a valuable contribution. Simon's preparing for another exhibition now but there are still a few pieces here for sale.

Bob Haberfield

You may have heard the sad news that Bob Haberfield died last year but his son is gathering his work together and is building a website about Bob's work which I highly recommend to people interested in classic science fiction and also horror.


There's also a very good interview with Bob on Breakfast in the Ruins.

These are two of his classic Michael Moorcock covers: The Phoenix in Obsidian (left), and The Eternal Champion.
You can follow Ben Haberfield on Instagram too.
In other news

We were pleased that Andrew Webster wrote about John's new book Into the Blue in The Verge. He brought up the subject of style and John's comment was: 'It always puzzles me when this issue of style comes up because I don't consciously have a style, this is not being disingenuous. I simply try to paint what's in my mind's eye. If people recognise my style, maybe what they are seeing is simply a feeling or vision that is personal to me.'

I've noticed that when people try to 'scrape' John's style for AI use they don't come up with a very good result so perhaps this is because they can't quite get into his head.

Both the limited edition and the regular edition can be bought directly from Titan, as well as John's earlier book: Beyond the Horizon.
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