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Newsletter February 2020

Ian Miller and 'Other Voices'

Two wonderful Ian Miller vampire paintings have come to light. Both were produced in 1988 for Unwin Hyman for the cover of Other Voices, a book by Colin Greenland. They may be a surprise to people who mostly expect to see Ian's work in fine line but I love the boldness of these, and his work from this period is now rare. We're offering one of them as an archival print (the original has been sold) and the other one as an original painting for sale.

Ian Miller prints       Ian Miller originals

Olivia Lomenech Gill and Jim Kay at The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum in London has now announced their exhibition of 'Fantastic Beasts, The Wonder of Nature' which will open in May 2020. Rather like the British Library exhibition in 2018 which drew from its collection to give a context to some of J K Rowling's influences when she wrote the Harry Potter books, of course the Natural History Museum has some wonderful examples from the natural world which have also played their part.

Many of the illustrations which Olivia Lomenech Gill produced for the illustrated Fantastic Beasts book will be included, as well as Jim Kay's Hungarian Horntail Dragon.

More on the Fantastic Beasts exhibition here. 
A film about Olivia's work via the BBC website (scroll down).
John Harris landscapes

John Harris is never short of ideas as to what to paint - but sometimes he's tempted to just look at what's outside his door? He lives in a beautiful part of Devon, England, as you can see, and the paintings are often on quite a large scale. All the originals have been sold, but we're now offering prints of four of them. Here are The Walk from the Double Locks, and The Willows of Clyst St George. And yes. Willow trees really can look that colour when the sun hits them.

More John Harris landscape prints here

In other news

The four house editions of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire have just been published and Levi Pinfold has produced many magnificent illustrations for this series. Levi is better knows as a picture book writer and artist and in particular for his book Black Dog which has become a classic. In these Harry Potter books you can clearly see the influence of that hero of many illustrators of Levi's generation, Alan Lee.

A few Levi Pinfold picture book originals for sale
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