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Newsletter September 2019

Jim Kay originals

Jim Kay is currently illustrating all seven of the Harry Potter books and it's an enormous undertaking. He's enjoying it, of course, but every now and then we like to remind people that he had a life before that.

We aren't allowed to sell any Harry Potter originals but Jim is busy unearthing some wonderful work which was done beforehand, for Walker Books. A Monster Calls was a hugely successful book, film and play, and Jim's concept work and illustrations for that project are truly heartfelt and worked so well alongside this very moving story.

And there are some from his work for the book about Bugs which were an utter delight for him.
John Harris, new work, post-Dublin

We had a wonderful time at the worldcon and met friends old and new. We brought some of the work home, and that's now on the website. Sketches here
And one or two paintings too.
Ian Miller book cover prints

We're still finding more covers from a few years ago and they make the most stunning giclee prints. Here is Something Wicked this Way Comes, and we also have Suaine and the Crow God.

Jeffrey Alan Love at the Rijksmuseum

We are thrilled to hear that Jeffrey's work will be shown at the museum from now until February in "The Year of Rembrandt". He was awarded the Dutch prize, the Silver Pencil, for his work on Norse Myths, and the exhibition is in association with that. In fact his Dutch publishers, Lemniscaat will also publish his new book, The Hero's Quest in October.

In other news

In my next newsletter I'll be able to show you the work of Levi Pinfold, an outstanding artist, winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal, and fellow artist working on the Harry Potter books.

I have some of his originals for sale, and they are rare. This one is from "Illusionology" published by Templar and Candlewick in 2012. In the mean time, you can find out more about him here, from my colleagues at Arena Illustration.
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