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Newsletter March 2020 - weird times

Sale time - 10% discount

The world has gone mad since the last newsletter. However, we're lucky that we can sell originals and prints to keep the artists afloat during these rocky times, and to make the most of this, until the end of April, I'm offering a 10 per cent discount on all the originals and prints currently for sale on my website.

Working at home is nothing new to us. We're all hermits already so we're used to that. Some of the artists are working on long-term projects so they'll hardly notice the difference, but it might be harder to find new work so I'm going to try this.

For instance, you could buy this piece of original Shrek concept art by Ian Miller.

Or this development piece by Jim Kay for Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.
Or this oil painting by John Harris.
Just let me know if any of the work interests you, but in the mean time there's a lot to report.
Jeffrey Alan Love, and Norse Tales

Jeffrey's first book with Kevin Crossley-Holland and Walker Studio, Norse Myths, has been a great success. It's sold well in the US, Australia and the UK, and now there are editions in Dutch, Chinese, Romanian and Korean. Their second book together, Norse Tales, will be published in October 2020 and I'm delighted to say that this one is a great companion to the first.
Also, Jeffrey is selling his original art through Felix Comic Art so it's worth checking out their website.
Olivia Lomenech Gill, and Medusa

For Greek Myths though, I'm delighted to say that Bloomsbury have commissioned Olivia Lomenech Gill to illustrate Medusa, the new book by Jessie Burton.  Olivia says:  'I have loved the challenge of illustrating the "real" story of a mythical character, bridging both the historical and the contemporary. In classic Greek and later Renaissance art, depictions of Medusa vary from utterly monstrous to just a really bad hairdo, but she never comes across well, and never, in my view, comes close to being either beautiful, real or relatable.' In The Bookseller

Ian Miller, and J R R Tolkien

The two names will be for ever linked, since 1979 when Ian's work was used in A Tolkien Bestiary. And as Brian Sibley, long-time Tolkien collaborator with Ian, so eloquently describes the work in his introduction to The Art of Ian Miller: 'upheaval and rebellion . . . are ever-present concepts. The clashes and conflicts depicted may be intimate or vast: animal and plant-life colliding with brutish machineries or armies of robots, men or mutants marching into ruinous onslaughts.'

As for me, I just love the way Ian can show all that intensity and in such fine detail. We now have two beautiful new giclee prints of his Tolkien images to offer. This is a detail from Black Rider.

In other news

We wish everyone all the best with their 'isolation' and we can't wait for it to be over. In the mean time, here's a painting by Paul Cox to remind you of all those artists working away to keep us informed, inspired and amused. Hooray for them!

Paul Cox's originals can be found at Chris Beetles' Gallery in London.

More of Paul Cox's illustration here.
All images copyright © the artists.