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Newsletter February 2019

Alexis Deacon

I'm delighted to announce that Alexis Deacon has joined us. Best known for his children's books (most notably Beegu) he is also a much-valued illustration lecturer and is now working on an impressive three-book graphic novel project, Geis. The first two books have been published, and this is a page from the third.

Olivia at Abbott and Holder

I'm also very pleased to suggest that you visit an exhibition of Olivia Lomenech Gill's work at Abbott and Holder, in London, showing from 14th to 23rd March. This is her "Parlement of Birds" – and birds are the common theme for this new show, her first since the very successful one in Aldeburgh in 2017. Just near the British Museum, A&H is an excellent gallery with much of interest to collectors of illustration.
Gormenghast TV adaptation

There's much speculation about Neil Gaiman's involvement in the proposed television series which may include not just Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast but also elements from Boy in Darkness. Despite the wonderfully descriptive language in the books, Peake never painted Gormenghast castle himself – but Ian Miller has, a few times. And now it's appeared in an announcement about the TV.

In other news

Reluctantly, because at the moment it's on my own wall and I love it being there, we've included John Harris's painting "The Road to Fire" for sale, on the website. This is just a detail from it but the painting defines John's work on the series of work which became known as "The Rite of the Hidden Sun", more of which can be seen here, in the order in which the story is told.
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