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Newsletter September 2018

John Harris at Illuxcon

We're off to Reading in Pennsylvania next month, to show John Harris's and Jim Burns' new work at IX Arts. We're really looking forward to seeing old friends there and we have many new paintings as well as some of John Harris's pastel sketches.

Mervyn Peake at The British Library

To mark fifty years since the death of Mervyn Peake the British Library are planning a special evening to discuss his work, on 2nd November. Speakers will include Chris Riddell who's a long-time supporter and contributed to our book on Mervyn Peake, Liz Jensen (best known for the excellent The 9th Life of Louis Drax), and also Neil Gaiman who's currently involved with a potential new Gormenghast television series.

Ian Miller has also been fascinated by the work of Mervyn Peake for many years and has produced finely detailed drawings and paintings inspired by Gormenghast. Here is The Hall of Bright Carvings, also The Gormenghast Tree, and The Tower of Flints.
British Fantasy Awards

Congratulations to Jeffrey Alan Love who's been nominated for an artist's award. Here's Thor, from Jeffrey's Norse Myths.

In other news

I've been offered two very fine original paintings by David Pether, produced for covers of Tanith Lee's books in the 1970s. Gold Unicorn, and Black Unicorn. If you'd like to know more, just drop me an email. alisoneldred@gmail.com

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