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Newsletter March 2021 – normality? What was that?

Ian Miller – and James Sherriff

Ian Miller's last project with James must have broken all records for the effectiveness of a Kickstarter campaign. You may have seen those Tarot cards - an exercise which has taken James many months to fulfil as there were so many backers. We also have beautiful prints of many of those images, and you can find them here. Ian Miller prints.

Ian's next project with James is Middgyr, Tower of Chaos and it's due to be launched on Kickstarter later this year. This is a preview. Don't you love these dwarves?

John Harris in 'Digital Art Live'

It may surprise you to find an interview with John Harris (page 28) in Digital Art Live. However, John was given some quite original questions by their editor, David Haden, who thought John's work would be of interest to their readers, and you can read the answers in the March issue.

So we've added some very fine sketches for sale on our website. Here's one which he's now happy to part with, and you'll find more on the pastels and sketches page.
We're also really pleased with the results of making some quite large prints from some of the pastels. Here's the Refit at Crux sketch, framed up by John. Fingers are for scale.
Gordon Crabb, artist in lockdown

We're all a bit tired of the limitations that lockdown brings but there are good sides to it too. Gordon Crabb's had more time in the studio than usual, and the freedom to do some work that's more spontaneous.

Jim Kay – Potter update

We're often asked when the next Harry Potter book illustrated by Jim will be published. So much so, that Jim put a piece about it on his website, Creepy Scrawlers. Scroll down on this page to see how it's going.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the doubly massive book in this series, and in order to weave in enough images he's had to push many into the margins. This takes time so the book won't be published until October 2022. It will be worth the wait, of course, but I'm afraid we can't show you anything more than this photo of him, still in his studio, patiently keeping going.

Here's a reminder of one of the dragons from the last book though - and you can read more about Jim and his work on my website.

In other news

I gather that jigsaws have been really popular in lockdown and The New York Puzzle Company have used some of Neil Packer's illustrations from One of a Kind for their recent puzzles.

How about trying one of these? Different kinds of cats? Or Neil's favourite cheeses?

Hopefully we'll soon be allowed out again but in the mean time this could be the way to keep occupied.

More on Neil Packer originals and prints.
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