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Newsletter January 2022

Osmotic Meld

It was one of those lucky meetings on social media a few years ago. The artist with the imagination of the century meets the professional sculptor of miniatures. And now Ian Miller and John Robertson have collaborated on a new project which has just been launched on Kickstarter.

There is a wealth of Ian's material to draw on and a huge amount of care has gone into the choices of materials. So whether you're interested in Iron Toes, Hoof Gougers or Fire Wheelers, I suggest you look up this link.

We still have a few of Ian's originals for sale.

And if you'd like a print of one of Ian's images, you can find them here. This is just a small selection.
Ian Miller prints

New John Harris work for sale

John's been working on some sketches. Here's the prelim for the next in the Old Man's War series (No 7) by Jack McDevitt, a detail from Restoration Work and also The Amethystine Moon at Night both of which will be included in the new book of John's work to be published in October.

Discon III

Many thanks to the organisers of the art show at the worldcon in Washington. They sold four of John's spectacular vinyl prints and John is sending the income from that to Trillion Trees.

And finally

We are delighted that Simon Bartram's exhibition of portraits will open at the Hartlepool Art Gallery on 29th January. More on that here.

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