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Newsletter September 2022

John Harris book – Into the Blue

We're really looking forward to showing you the new book of John's work as we're so pleased with it. Here are a couple of spreads to give you an idea.

However the perils of today (paper shortages, shipping issues, strikes at docks) have conspired to delay the publication date so we're now planning on 6th December instead of 11th October. We'll keep you up to date on how you can order copies of the regular and the de luxe edition – and we'll also have some new sketches for sale. They soon go but there are still some cracking ones here.

Olivia – and Mont St Michel

Olivia Lomenech Gill has recently moved to Brittany with her family and has set up her studio there.

She's quite close to Mont St Michel and has now been asked to produce a show for the Scriptorial gallery close by, in Avranches. Their exhibition, 'Dragons, Monsters and Chimeras', is inspired by the medieval manuscripts of Mont St Michel, and in particular the bestiary.

You can see more about the museum here, and if you're interested to find out more about Olivia's work do contact me. It won't be for sale at the exhibition but we may be able to offer it later, along with prints and other paintings. There's much more to see on Instagram at olivia_lomenech_gill

King Charles III

As you may have noticed, we now have a new king, Charles III. At 73, he's had a few years to prepare and we're pleased that one of his main passions is the environment. We're hoping that he can wake people up on the whole subject as politicians don't seem to grasp the urgency. And we still want the world to look like this:

Or even this . . .

John Harris has been inspired by landscapes from all over the world. Some for sale here.

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

Jim Kay has now fully illustrated the first five books in the Harry Potter series and it's a massive achievement.

The range of his work is immense, the earlier books more straightforward and 'younger' but as the series progresses there are some very dark times and evil characters. Here is Bellatrix Lestrange from the latest book.

Jim's illustrations are also being used on the commemorative coins now issued by the Royal Mint to mark 25 years since the publication of the first book.

 He was delighted to have the help of Neil Packer as a guest artist with the fifth (and largest) book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. There was a huge pile of books for them to sign at Goldsboro in London last week. Jim and Neil have made the perfect team along with the extraordinary people at Bloomsbury who guided us through this 568-page monster of a book. 

In other news

Simon Bartram has been asked to produce a postcard-sized painting for Art on a Postcard, a charity which has raised millions of pounds in a scheme to eliminate Hepatitis C. Their Winter Auction 2022 will run from 27 October to 10 November 2022 and Simon has produced a very typical (and tiny) painting for them. We wish them every success.

Other work by Simon for sale here.

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