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Newsletter September 2020 - and we're back

John Harris - prints of studies

It's been a bumper time for John Harris prints during the summer so we looked at John's sketches and studies again, and that made us realise just how good they could look as prints too. We've tried some out, and now you can choose from the new collection of prints taken from either paintings or pastel studies.

Also, I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more about the Dune movie soon but for now here is a fabulous painting by John, of Shai-Hulud. This was a private commission and a good chance for John to work on a favourite book. Check out in the movie trailer here.

Don't mess with the Mountain Troll

You'd have to read Jeffrey Alan Love's new book of Norse Tales, told by Kevin Crossley-Holland, to find out whether this mountain troll was able to win Ulf and Flora's precious daughter. What beautifully-crafted stories from this winning duo, just published.

Jim Kay, back then

Congratulations to Susanna Clarke on the publication of Piranesi. During those days before Jim Kay was drawn into the world of Harry Potter, he produced some excellent concept work for the TV production of her previous book, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. There are still a few Potter books to illustrate yet, but when that's over he'll be able to take on work like this again. Perhaps in five years' time.

Ian Miller concept work

If you look at these sketches of Ian's for long enough they start to look familiar. Anybody here play a game with blocks? I bet you didn't know what was inside them. Firebolts included. If you haven't got it yet, just show a child. The sketches are for sale.

A new exhibition of Neil Packer's work

The next newsletter will concentrate on the work by Neil Packer to be held at the Coningsby Gallery in London. For now though, here are some examples of what you'll be able to see. These are from his work for the Folio Society for the story by Jorge Luis Borges, and from The Odyssey, published by Walker Books.

This is going to be a spectacular show. And we'll be celebrating the publication of his new book, One of a Kind. More on this coming up soon.

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