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Newsletter May 2019

Climbing to the Light

There's a classic new painting by John Harris now available as a print (detail shown here). This image is also being used by a new writer, Alex Rowe, on the cover of his trilogy, The Space Time War.

Rick Berry at Comic Con

There was a memorable moment at one Illuxcon or another when Rick Berry was painting in front of a starstruck audience and having produced the most wonderful image he swiftly wiped it all off with one sweep of his arm. It was like torture. The cries from the audience were heartfelt! I don't know if any of them had a fraction of Rick's talent but they certainly enjoyed his demonstration . . . until then.

Rick will be in San Diego signing copies of his new book in July and he'd love to see you there.
Olivia Lomenech Gill

Muck and Magic, the book illustrated by Olivia will be published on 6th June. Olivia will be speaking about the book at the Royal Society of Sculptors alongside Michael Morpurgo on 13th June. Olivia is a fine printmaker and painter and you can see much more about her and buy directly from her on her own website.
Masques of the Disappeared

Judith Clute's etchings and paintings are currently on show at the Camden Image Gallery but you'll have to hurry as the show ends on 22nd May. There's more on Judith's website.
Grahame Baker Smith

It's been a fantastic month for Grahame. His extremely handsome book about Life (below) was published last week and it is packed with information and illustrations about past extinctions and subsequent new life on Earth. I couldn't recommend it more highly - and it very wisely stops at the point when Man appears.
Then a call from Neil Armstrong's agent . . .

It was a big day when I had a call to discuss the idea of Grahame illustrating Armstrong's own story of the piece of rock which he collected from the Moon. A lifelong fan of the whole concept of the moon landings, and also of early life on Earth, this was a dream job for Grahame.

We've now signed up for that and in a very different way, it covers the same ground as the above book, except that it's from the point of view of that small but very vital piece of rock, which Armstrong called "Bok". Watch this space for more news about Bok, although we can't show you any imagery just yet.

In related news

The book which inspired Neil Armstrong's agent was The Rhythm of the Rain, which has now been shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards. Congratulations, Grahame!

". . . a lyrical, spellbinding tale of the travels of water across the world" Library Mice
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