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Newsletter January 2020

Anyone here like cats?

Neil Packer loves cats so much that he's produced 24 different paintings of them in different art styles. Here is the first half. We're going to launch a set of prints of these for his exhibition in London in October so this is just a taster for now. We have other prints of Neil's for sale. And a few originals too.

Neil Packer prints    Neil Packer originals

John Harris's own world

John vanishes into his own world quite often, and this is where he goes. It's The Land of the Hidden Sun, and this is what it looks like. Some of the originals are available, and we also make fabulous of prints of many of them.

Here is his story of the travelling artist, in images, in chronological order.     John Harris prints
Jim Burns' new cover

Jim has produced the cover for the third book in Ian Whates' trilogy. This one is Dark Angels Rising. Jim and Sue Burns are looking forward to the Boskone convention in Boston from 14-16 February where Jim is the NESFA press guest.

Simon Bartram's Durham miners

I'm lucky enough to have worked with Simon for twenty years and his draughtsmanship utterly delights me. He comes from a mining district but the mines were closed down a few years ago. Men from there are built of strong stuff. Meet Jack, Billy, Lofty and Steve. More news on these original paintings and drawings to come, but all enquiries welcome.

In other news

Brexit wouldn't have been my choice. Culturally and geographically we're European so how have we come to this?

I have one image which springs to mind, and it's a painting by Richard Clifton-Dey, best known for his covers for Doc Savage and the work in "Tour of the Universe". He produced this many decades ago, before Google Earth was invented, and he just worked from maps. What a skill. It was commissioned by the agency publicising one of Yorkshire's new airports in the 1980's and I can just see Richard lingering over the Massif Central, where he used to spend his summers, in France with his delightful German wife.
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