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Neil Packer   Originals for sale

Neil's originals are like jewels. The amount of detail is astonishing - so in the case of The Iliad and The Odyssey we've included a detail below the some of the original paintings. We've done the same with Foucault's Pendulum although most of those have now been sold.

His originals for Book are printed in black and white in the actual book but in reality they are a rich dark blue – and they are very witty. A collection of them, hung together, looks very impressive. And that's why we're offering a 10% reduction if you buy two.

Neil Packer | Front cover case and title page
Neil Packer | The Golden Apple
Neil Packer | The Quarrel
Neil Packer | Why so sad, Achilles?
Neil Packer | Thetis flung herself at Zeus's feet
Neil Packer | Paris and Menelaus
Neil Packer | The Trojans began to fight more ferociously
Neil Packer | Is any Greek brave enough?
Neil Packer | As he enters his father's palaceSOLD
Neil Packer | Like two wild boars
Neil Packer | Apollo guided the arrow to Achilles' heel
Neil Packer | The fighting raged furiouslySOLD
Neil Packer | Dark cloud covered the sky
Neil Packer | Achilles will avenge me
Neil Packer | The arrow pierced Diomedes' footSOLD
Neil Packer | They began to weep for Patroclus
Neil Packer | No ordinary tables
Neil Packer | Go and do your foul work
Neil Packer | Two proud and powerful men
Neil Packer | Odysseus of Ithaca