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Newsletter November 2018

John Harris originals

We had a fantastic time at Illuxcon last month and really enjoyed meeting friends, old and new. We were particularly lucky to have a good spot by the bar for John Harris's show so many thanks to Pat Wilshire for that. We were quite ambitious with the amount of work that we took but we sold nearly everything. The work we did bring home is now on the website plus the new Ben Bova cover, for 'Earth'.
Here's a detail.

SF book cover art
Recent work
John Harris prints

We've also added two more prints to the website, including the spectacular new painting 'The Dockyards of Regulus Prime' (below).
John Harris prints

We're now also offering prints of the beautiful drawing by Ian Miller for Isengard. Thank you to an American Tolkien follower of Ian's for that suggestion. Here's a detail.
Ian Miller prints

In other news

The French edition of Fantastic Beasts illustrated by Olivia Lomenech Gill has now been published and it has a rather different cover. Also, the New Zealand Book Council has produced an impressive trailer using her illustrations. Apparently in New Zealand cinemas there's often a quiet corner where you can sit and read a book. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Fantastic Beasts book trailer - scroll down

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