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Newsletter October 2020

The Artist's Cat

Do many artists like cats? If this extraordinary piece of work by Neil Packer is anything to go by, I think the answer is yes. This image using cats to deftly describe different art genres is not only witty, but so well-observed.

And that's not all. Here is just half of the panel on musical instruments. They come from his book about classification, One of a Kind, just published in the UK , the US and other countries too.

Here is just half of the panel about time. Musical time, world time, evolutionary time. To see the full images just go to our website – where you can also order prints.

And this is how Neil shows us a tool shed.

And some favourite cheeses. Who knew that taxonomy could be so visual?

Here's Jim Kay: 'This book by Neil Packer is going to be one of the best illustrated works this year. One of a Kind, is about how we organise everything in life; from species of plants to art movements to musical instruments. It's an astonishing piece of design devoted entirely to Taxonomy, and it is really, really beautiful - and very original. (Neil's representation of art movements through the medium of cats is just genius!)'

We also have prints of Neil's Medieval Map of the Silk Roads, inspired by his illustrations for the book written by Peter Frankopan and published in 17 countries.

Ian Miller originals

Here's a detail from a beautiful early drawing by Ian Miller, a concept sketch for Margaret Yorke's novel, 'Evidence to Destroy', available with many others here.

With one eye on the US elections though, perhaps this one is more of the moment.

In other news

We're lucky to have acquired a painting by John Harris, commissioned in 1986, which came back to us needing some repair. Now retitled The Building of Magrethea, it's been repaired and sold, to a very quick-acting collector, but we should have some new work of John's coming up soon.

All images copyright © the artists.