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Jim Burns   Illustration portfolio

Jim has a long history of producing some of the best science fiction book covers and he still works in oils for private commissions. However his more recent work for covers is digital, and now he sometimes uses AI as a tool alongside Photoshop. We understand that there's a copyright minefield here so we would hesitate to licence their use until that's cleared up, but Jim's enjoying the experiment while the debate goes on. The AI images are at the top of this section but if you scroll down you'll see some of his more typical covers and also his sensitive pencil drawings for the limited edition of 1984 commissioned by Suntup Press.

Jim Burns | Ship with Dust and Sand
Jim Burns | Pilot at the controls
Jim Burns | No. 44
Jim Burns | No. 52
Jim Burns | No. 55
Jim Burns | No. 42
Jim Burns | No. 62
Jim Burns | Lalande
Jim Burns | No. 20
Jim Burns | No. 17
Jim Burns | No. 10
Jim Burns | No. 12
Jim Burns | No. 2
Jim Burns | The Wistful Wanderings of Perceval Pithelm
Jim Burns | No.2 Extra
Jim Burns | No. 6
Jim Burns | The Tartarus Books
Jim Burns | Hell on Earth
Jim Burns | Arduinna
Jim Burns | Best SF and Fantasy, No. 13