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Neil Packer   Fine art prints: Shakespeare


Neil was commissioned by The Folio Society to produce one illustration for each of the plays in their limited edition of Shakespeare's Complete Plays in 2023. The set of books (Tragedies, Comedies and Histories) were spectacular, and Neil's extensive research and detailed work was matched by the care which Folio took with design and production. You can read more about that here.

The edition of the books sold out within weeks, and we are limiting the editions of these prints to 50. They will all be signed and numbered by Neil. If you are interested, just email me and let me know which ones you'd like.

Neil Packer | Twelfth Night
Neil Packer | As You Like It
Neil Packer | Much Ado About Nothing
Neil Packer | King Richard III
Neil Packer | Merry Wives of Windsor
Neil Packer | King Lear
Neil Packer | Hamlet
Neil Packer | Othello
Neil Packer | King Henry V
Neil Packer | Romeo and Juliet
Neil Packer | King John
Neil Packer | King Henry VIII
Neil Packer | The Complete Works