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Newsletter June 2023

Ian Miller signed prints, and help for Ukraine

When Ian produced this image of the Dnipro dam a few years ago, he could never have known what devastation was to be dealt to the people who live downstream when its replacement was destroyed earlier this month.

It gives us the chance though, to offer prints of this dynamic drawing, and to send the proceeds to the people whose houses were flooded and who are living in a war zone – and with no water to drink. We watch the war in desperation but when physical and environmental damage is delivered on this scale, it's hard not to be moved. (The tree growing out of the dam was a reference to Gormenghast.)

We also have a new print of Ian's from the Sorcery Contested Realm series. Ironically titled Ultimate Horror. We should have news on artists' proofs of some of this series soon so email me if you're interested.
And for something just a bit more cheerful, here's one of Ian's early Gormenghast images. Mervyn Peake was never to draw the outside of the castle but it's fascinated artists ever since Titus Groan was first published in 1946. And to me, it was Ian who really nailed it, right down to the miserable shacks of the Outer Dwellers at the base of the castle, which were of more interest to Titus than the earldom he was born to inherit.

Olivia Lomenech Gill – and Shifting Sands

For many years Olivia lived in Northumbria, close to Holy Island, and she was fascinated by the Lindisfarne Gospels which are housed in the priory there. Also with that stretch of water which can result in people needing refuge if they leave it too late to return when the tide has turned.

Then last year she was delighted to be commissioned by English Heritage to produce a major piece of work to hang in the museum on the island. She visited the priory earlier this month to see her work in place.

Olivia says: 'The original brief was to make a piece of work about the unique landscape of the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, thinking about 'Pilgrimage', 'Place' and 'Nature'. I really enjoyed seeing my work hanging in the context of some extraordinary artefacts from the Anglo Saxon and later periods of the island's history, particularly the necklace of St Cuthbert's beads (crinoid fossils), the necklace or rosary of salmon vertebrae, and the C17-18th wool crochet and rare bone button with four holes.
We plan to show you much more about this project soon but for now, here is a detail from the major piece, and also one of the etchings she produced for the accompanying booklet, for the 'Bird and Beast Trail'. Some of the originals for that will be made into prints, and some sold as originals.

Shakespeare – and Neil Packer

Shakespeare watchers will be well aware that this year we'll celebrate the four hundredth anniversary of the publication of the First Folio. With perfect timing, The Folio Society have commissioned Neil Packer to produce one illustration for each of the plays, and they will be used to illustrate spectacular editions of the books. We can't show you very much at the moment, but for now this image will give you a clue as to what's to come.

More on this in The Bookseller.

And finally

We're delighted that Sue Burns' self-portrait, Chemo Curls, has been chosen by the Ruth Borchard Collection for this year's show. Many congratulations to Sue for producing such a striking self-portrait - and for overcoming cancer too.

Ruth Borchard was an important collector of self-portraits and her family now continue with that work. You can read more about her here.


www.alisoneldred.com    alisoneldred@gmail.com    07712 592 155


Grahame's latest book, The Every-Changing Earth, follows The Rhythm of the Rain and Wild is the Wind as he works his way through the elements. These books are informative but each one also has a charming narrative bringing together the realities of the Earth with some of the children within. To celebrate publication of the latest, he's made a short film which you can see below.

The detail and the many different styles he's used in Life, The First Four Billion Years also demonstrates Grahame's lifelong passion for the history of the Earth and its' inhabitants. That same book sets the scene for Bok's Giant Leap (or The Book of Bok), the story told by Grahame's hero, Neil Armstrong, about that very same period of time.

But it's not all about the Earth. The range of his books is impressive. His own story, FArTHER, (winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal) is supremely sensitive. He's also bringing new life to the classics. The Wind in The Willows and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland have given him the chance to indulge in his own interpretation of stories we all know so well.

There are more of those to come, as well as a wondrous book about 'Stone-Age Giants'. He is an artist with immense talent and an ability to engage children whether he's telling a story from his imagination or explaining something from the real world.


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