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Simon Bartram   Fine art prints

On giclée prints. To quote our printmaker from Skylight Publishing, giclée (pronounced gee-clay) originates from the French and quite literally means 'little squirt'. As it happens though, the results are spectacular and we've chosen eight images of Simon Bartram's where the process captures the colour and intensity of his original paintings. They are printed on heavyweight 100% cotton rag archival quality acid free papers and the the sizes are virtually the same as the original paintings.

Each one like a facsimile. Each signed and numbered by Simon.

Simon Bartram | Semi Self-portrait in Windy England
Simon Bartram | Mick, in oils
Simon Bartram | North Sea Man
Simon Bartram | Alfie
Simon Bartram | Chips!
Simon Bartram | Man with a Battered Sausage
Simon Bartram | Seaburn Man, 12.51
Simon Bartram | Lockdown Headsup, 2020