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Simon Bartram   Fine art prints

Simon Bartram | Chips!

'Chips and dreams and angels and rivers were all much of a muchness now. His crown had been lost and that was that. He only wished that it hadn't been lost to Davey Kibblesworth. Davey Kibblesworth was not worthy and everyone knew it.'

Image size: 292 x 500 mm (11.5 x 19.5 in)
Paper size is A2 and will fit a stock frame

£150 plus VAT for UK (or $210) plus carriage
A limited edition of 50 prints.

Top: the full image, Bottom: a detail

To buy, just email me:

I prefer to take payment by direct transfer into my bank account.

Bank details will be listed on the invoice. Also carriage charges when I know where you live.

I can accept payment by US$ cheque. Paypal is OK, although their charges are high. Transferwise is much better.