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A Monster Calls, originals for sale

Posted: 8 September 2019

We’re celebrating the publication of the spectacular fourth Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, by offering for sale original paintings and drawings by Jim – from other books. Jim isn’t ‘just’ a Harry Potter artist. Walker Books gave him his first chance, and they’ve produced some spectacular books as a result.

A Monster Calls,winner of both the Carnegie Medal and the Kate Greenaway Medal has been described as ‘outstanding’ by The Times, and ‘compelling . . . powerful and impressive’ by Philip Pullman. Jim’s illustrations matched Patrick’s text perfectly and the emotional impact of that combination has struck people worldwide. The book is now available in forty languages. The original cover is above, and also the special edition produced to coincide with the subsequent film, directed by J A Bayona. Then some concept drawings, now for sale.

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