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John Harris   Originals for sale: The Secret History of the Earth

The Secret History of the Earth

This body of work was started several years ago as part of an ongoing project. The pieces are a distillation of feelings associated with a planetary perspective, a kind of love poem to the Earth.

John has used pure pigment with very little bonding media, gold leaf and other materials. In reality they are striking, even more so than the photographs of them you see here. While this project is ongoing, we are not offering any for sale.

John Harris | The Inundated Coast
John Harris | Aeolus Breathed
John Harris | Arizona
John Harris | A View from Above 2
John Harris | Transit
John Harris | Ionia
John Harris | A View from Above 1
John Harris | Monolith
John Harris | Sulphur Storm
John Harris | Along the Ashen Shore
John Harris | Cloud over a Bright Canal
John Harris | Above the Deep