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John Harris   Illustration portfolio: Landscapes

Whether pastel or oil painting, John Harris's landscapes can be warm and inviting, dark and brooding, realistic or almost completely abstract. He is a master at working with colour and suggesting atmosphere. Sometimes the temptation to add a figure to a landscape is hard to resist so with the briefest of brush strokes a landscape takes on a narrative element.

Here you'll find a combination of book cover illustrations and more personal work inspired by the Devon landscape outside his door. After a long career of producing book covers for some classic titles in a representational style it would be interesting to see whether the more free and abstract work could be used for some more recent covers.

John Harris | Willow and Alder
John Harris | Venice pastels
John Harris | Spring colour
John Harris | Monkey Puzzle
John Harris | Andes sketch
John Harris | Glen Coe
John Harris | The Cottage by the Bend
John Harris | Another Summer
John Harris | Brian's field
John Harris | The Pines of Prickly Pear Wood
John Harris | The Coloured River
John Harris | Ring the Bell Backwards
John Harris | The Pig Who Sang to the Moon
John Harris | Flight of the Kingfisher
John Harris | Provence
John Harris | JH 13
John Harris | Nick Drake visual
John Harris | The Shadow Child
John Harris | The Tibetan Foothold
John Harris | Glittering Images