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Gordon Crabb   Stock art / licensing

Gordon Crabb stock art covers Gordon Crabb stock art covers

Gordon Crabb has a library of stock photographs which provide the raw material for many book covers. "Girls" are divided into centuries, there's a "Literary Fiction" category, and some Men and Children. Use these images for your visuals and you may find that you have a ready-made book cover.

I have high resolution files of all the images so contact me when you need them and to discuss fees – or to commission a new illustration. If you'd like Gordon to add other elements or alter an existing image then just let me know and he may be able to do that for you as well.

Gordon Crabb | 21st century

21st century

Urban fantasy, girls with guns, retro

Gordon Crabb | 20th century

20th century

Edwardians, wartime sagas, 1950's and 1960's

Gordon Crabb | 19th century and earlier

19th century and earlier

Victorians, medieval fantasy

Gordon Crabb | Timeless


No particular time suggested by either hairstyle or clothes

Gordon Crabb | Litery fiction

Litery fiction

Fine art photography

Gordon Crabb | Men


Vampires, fantasy, westerns

Gordon Crabb | Children


Historical and present day