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Alexis Deacon   Book projects: Geis, or Curse of the Chosen

Geis, or Curse of the Chosen

"Tangled forests, deserts, bat-filled caverns, rivers, and medieval towns are rendered in loose brushwork with clumps of gorgeous detail, a meeting of Maurice Sendak and Pieter Bruegel."
Publisher's Weekly

Originally commissioned by Nobrow, this impressive and much-loved series of hardback graphic novels started out as a plan for three books, Geis 1, 2 and 3. The first book, Geis: A Matter of Life and Death received great reviews including this one, on Goodreads.

And this, from Emma Rogers on Just Imagine

Alexis was interviewed by Benjamin Schipper fairly early on, and discusses his working process here.

After publication of the second book in hardback, Geis: A Game Without Rules, the publishers decided that paperback publication would be the next step and that all the material for the three books should be published in two volumes. At that point, they also changed the title to Curse of the Chosen.

Once you've got your head around that, and avoided any confusion, I really do recommend that you find them on Amazon. As is always the case with Alexis, his unusual viewpoints and his excellent draughtsmanship make these two books an extraordinary feat.

We have a small selection of the original drawings for sale and they are perfect collectors' pieces. It's interesting to see how the drawings first appeared, and we've put them alongside the printed pages so that you can again see just what a huge amount of work was involved. The spirit of the work is very evident in the originals.

Alexis Deacon | Geis, or Curse of the Chosen
Alexis Deacon | Curse of the Chosen