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John Harris   Originals for sale: The City of Fire and The Rite of the Hidden Sun

The Rite of the Hidden Sun

This entire project is an exercise in creating a world as credible and tangible as the one in which we all live, with a hint of mystery lying at the hear of it, even as I sense is the case in our own world.

The idea sprang out of the recognition that there is no longer the opportunity to discover a significant new culture anywhere in our world that hasn't already been well documented and photographed. I felt this situation as an acute loss and, considering that no one but myself had travelled in the country of my own imagination, I set about exploring that land of my own mind.

There is a film available here, called "Making Fire" which explains much of the thinking that went into the creating of this imagined world. Here, in this section, is displayed the entire collection of paintings and drawings that I created as the mainstay of the project. They are arranged in the order that I imagine the artist would have painted them while travelling in this unknown region of a fictional world.

You'll be taken on a journey with the artist, travelling in an old-fashioned way, probably on a donkey, armed with sketchbooks and paints, towards the fabled city of Fire on Mount Nandagni. Along the way he'll record several improbable sights such as a gigantic ruined wall zig-zagging across an empty plain.

John Harris | The Wall, half way up
John Harris | Scaling the Wall, first sketch
John Harris | Looking North on the Wall, first sketch
John Harris | The Ruined WallSOLD
John Harris | The Road beside the Wall
John Harris | The Wall in SummerSOLD
John Harris | The Wall from the TopSOLD
John Harris | The Road to Drumm Dunn
John Harris | Climbers on the SunflowersSOLD
John Harris | The Plain of CanalsSOLD
John Harris | Drumm Dunn
John Harris | The Gazers of Drumm Dunn
John Harris | The Arantoga GroveSOLD
John Harris | Herdsmen Among the ArantogasSOLD
John Harris | The Setting Moon: the eastern Approach to Nandagni
John Harris | The Ascent to the Welcome Gate, from the North-EastSOLD
John Harris | The Welcome GateSOLD
John Harris | The Grand Concourse
John Harris | A Street inside the City
John Harris | The Bridge of CotlSOLD