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Artists' Agent
I represent a group of talented artist/illustrators and also sell their original paintings and drawings. Their portfolios can be found below.
Fantasy and children's books
Science fiction illustrator and fantasy artist
Travelling artist and editorial illustrator
Paintings, illustration and fine art prints
Film concept artist and illustrator
Landscape, science fiction and marine artist
Children's books and advertising
Book and editorial illustrator, ex-curator at Kew
Artist and printmaker
Tolkein and Peake prints, and stock art
I can be contacted at:

Mobile: 07712 592 155
30 Evesham Road
GL52 2AB

My US agent is Alan Lynch
(607) 257 0330
Cellphone: (607) 342 4373
Fax (607) 257 4433
116 Kelvin Place
Ithaca, NY 14850

I also work as a freelance rep for the Illustrators' Agency, Arena but just for six of the main UK children's book publishing clients.
Jim Kay on the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Gaby Wood has written a thoughtful and informative piece for The Telegraph on Jim's work for the first Harry Potter book which gives an insight into his life while working on this exciting but demanding commission. Published in The Telegraph on 4th October 2015 and previewed here.

The image above is Hagrid's hut.

Now a short film made by the BBC.

A written interview with Jim Kay on Pottermore.

An0ther interview, in Entertainment Weekly.

And a short film Jim made himself.
Ragged Rose cover by Gordon Crabb
Gordon has been commissioned by Harper Collins to illustrate the cover of the new book by Dilly Court, Ragged Rose. We worked with Henry Steadman to produce this fine cover. The girls either side are available as stock.
J K Rowling comments on Jim Kay's work
‘Seeing Jim Kay’s illustrations moved me profoundly. I love his interpretation of Harry Potter’s world, and I feel honoured and grateful that he has lent this talent to it.’

Some great comments on Io9 and Voldemort revealed. As much as Jim was able to anyway.

And here's a short film about how Jim has used models.
Jacob's Lament, Ian Miller on film
Ian Miller has collaborated with Stijn Windig to make a very evocative short film.
Write on Kew - and Seven Stories
There's to be a wonderful collection of speakers at Kew Gardens' first literary festival and we wish them well with their great idea of holding it, later this month, in and around the spectacular gardens. One of the speakers is Jim Kay (who they call James) who worked with them a few years ago and who has agreed to talk about his work for A Monster Calls and other work which led up to being asked to illustrate the Harry Potter books. This will take place on 27th September.

In the mean time, in preparation for publication of the first Harry Potter book illustrated by Jim, Seven Stories in Newcastle have displayed a life-size version of his Diagon Alley (above).
John Harris, preparing for Illuxcon
John Harris has produced some evocative and powerful new work to take to Allentown in October. Readers of his recent book will remember his ideas for The Abandoned Lands and The Crystal Plain. "Devoid of organic life, yet home to the silicon-based PseudoSapiens, it is visited as a source of wonder by tourists from all over the galaxy."
Dark Shepherd - set to music
Fred Gambino's work for Dark Shepherd, a movie in waiting, has now attracted interest from two sets of people who can see the potential for the soundtrack. Have a look at what Time Machine have done. The image is Scavenger Landing, a key scene which shows Fred's amazing skill with scale. More here, on his own website.