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Artists' Agent
I represent a group of talented artist/illustrators and also sell their original paintings and drawings. Their portfolios can be found below.
Fantasy and children's books
Science fiction illustrator and fantasy artist
Travelling artist and editorial illustrator
Paintings, illustration and fine art prints
Film concept artist and illustrator
Landscape, science fiction and marine artist
Children's books and advertising
Book and editorial illustrator, ex-curator at Kew
Artist and printmaker
Limited edition prints of Gormenghast images
I can be contacted at:

+44 20 8444 9553
Mobile: 07712 592 155
89 Muswell Hill Road
London N10 3HT

My US agent is Alan Lynch
(607) 257 0330
Cellphone: (607) 342 4373
Fax (607) 257 4433
116 Kelvin Place
Ithaca, NY 14850

I also work as a freelance rep for the Illustrators' Agency, Arena but just for six of the main UK children's book publishing clients.
Olivia Lomenech Gill at Summerhall
An exhibition of paintings, etchings and bronzes associated with Olivia's interest in the commemoration of the First World War and The King's Troop will be shown in association with the Summerhall Historical Fiction Festival in Edinburgh from 2nd May. Prints of the image commissioned to promote the War Horse concert, Only Remembered, will be included and are also available from me.
An interview with Jeffrey Alan Love
These covers of Simon Ings' books commissioned by Orion have attracted a great deal of interest, and now there's an informative interview with Jeffrey, from DART, courtesy of Peggy Roalf. There's more on his own site here.
Paul Cox is back
I'm delighted to be working with Paul Cox again. His subjects are quite different from much of the work on this site but we can all enjoy the warmth of his joyful views, the way he captures the mood of some of the best fiction characters and the thought of travelling to sunnier climes. In fact one of the websites he's now involved with is for the "Deskbound Traveller" which gives us the chance to read the very best of travel writing. Also enjoy the views of Rome, some of which are now for sale at the Chris Beetles Gallery. More to come soon.
Victorian girls
There's some wonderful new stock photography by Gordon Crabb in his stock section. Classic material for book covers.
The Hidden Art
John Harris's work has been included on a Spanish website, "The Hidden Art" which strives to publicise the best in illustration, concept work and visual development. Many thanks to them. These images (above) are among those chosen by them. It's well worth looking at the site as there are some other wonderful artists on there.
The Art of Jim Burns - Hyperluminal
The fourth book for Titan is Hyperluminal. Jim Burns has chosen work from all periods of his career and this collection is a superb one which includes many of his recent private commissions, previously unpublished. Publication is due in late August but there will be early copies available for Loncon. These covers are the slipcase for the special signed limited edition (left), and the hardcover.

Ask Jim more about this at Eastercon in Glasgow next weekend where he's Guest of Honour.
Jeffrey Alan Love in Spectrum
Many congratulations to Jeffrey who has had these three images chosen for inclusion in the new Spectrum Annual, 2014.