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Artists' Agent
I represent a group of talented artist/illustrators and also sell their original paintings and drawings. Their portfolios can be found below.
Fantasy and children's books
Science fiction illustrator and fantasy artist
Travelling artist and editorial illustrator
Paintings, illustration and fine art prints
Film concept artist and illustrator
Landscape, science fiction and marine artist
Children's books and advertising
Book and editorial illustrator, ex-curator at Kew
Artist and printmaker
Tolkein and Peake prints, and stock art
I can be contacted at:

+44 20 8444 9553
Mobile: 07712 592 155
89 Muswell Hill Road
London N10 3HT

My US agent is Alan Lynch
(607) 257 0330
Cellphone: (607) 342 4373
Fax (607) 257 4433
116 Kelvin Place
Ithaca, NY 14850

I also work as a freelance rep for the Illustrators' Agency, Arena but just for six of the main UK children's book publishing clients.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Bloomsbury have today revealed the cover of the first illustrated Harry Potter book which will be published in the UK in October 2015. Jim Kay has produced over a hundred illustrations for it - and is now about to start on the second book.
Ents and Crosstower Bridge
We know where Ents come from and I suspect that Crosstower Bridge is part of the Gormenghast Castle. Tolkein and Peake, illustrated by Ian Miller. Have a look at these beautiful new prints.
Flourish and Blotts
Bloomsbury have chosen a detail from Jim Kay's illustration of Diagon Alley for the cover of their new catalogue. Inside there's an image of Hagrid casting his spell on the unfortunate Dudley. More images from the illustration edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone will be released in the coming months, and publication is on 6th October 2015.
John Harris marine art prints
John's large oil paintings of yachts now hang in many of the dining rooms of Royal Caribbean's cruise ships. However, it was the early stages of this work, when producing pastel sketches, which John loved best. So much so, that we decided to produce a range of giclee prints of these images, enlarged, so that you can enjoy that pure colour.
Ian Miller giclee prints
We've now put together a collection of twelve beautiful A2 limited-edition prints and the fine detail in Ian's work is matched by the superb quality of the prints. Some draw on the imagery of Mervyn Peake, some Tolkein, and the one above is from a set of drawings on chess. Look at the whole set and wonder.
Jim Kay and Alexis Deacon for the Greenaway
I'm delighted that The Great War, illustrated by Jim Kay, has been longlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal. Also Jim's Lion, illustrated by Alexis Deacon - certainly one of the best books I've seen in the last year or so. Both are published by Walker Books.
New Ben Bova cover, Death Wave
John Harris really enjoys working on Ben Bova's covers, and the latest one, Death Wave (top left), will be published soon by Tor Books. Some of these originals have been sold, but New Earth and Mars Life are still available. Also a Mercury sketch. The Death Wave original will be available soon.