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The Spine of Night

Posted: 30 June 2022

We’ve put some new work by Jeffrey Alan Love on the website so have a look at his illustrations and originals there. This one was a film poster.

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The Powergroves of Aquiila

Posted: 2 June 2022

John Harris has many ideas as to how power may be generated in centuries to come. This sketch is for sale, along with others.

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An interview with Olivia Lomenech Gill

Posted: 12 April 2022

Now that few illustrations are produced in a traditional way it’s very encouraging to see just how much Bloomsbury’s publicity team have promoted Olivia’s illustrations for Jessie Burton’s retelling of Medusa. Olivia uses etching as well as traditional painting methods for her work, and you can see those in her ‘illustration portfolio’.

You can also hear Olivia talking about working on this remarkable book here, on a Just Imagine podcast.

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Old Man’s War, No. 7

Posted: 22 March 2022

The Old Man’s War series of books by John Scalzi has given John Harris the chance to produce some of his best-loved paintings. And now he’s produced the cover for the seventh in the series. Many thanks to Tor Books for that..

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Two new Ian Miller prints

Posted: 14 March 2022

We now have two superb new prints from Ian’s paintings. This is just a detail from Phyrexian Dreadnought, and you can see the whole image in our prints section, along with other new images.

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